Test and Support Equipment

Instron 5982 Multipurpose Floor-mounted System for Electromechanical Tests (Germany)

The system can be used for tests of high-strength materials and alloys, improved composite, aerospace and automobile constructions, bolts, fastenings and sheet steel.

  • Maximum workload – 100 kN;
  • Workload accuracy ±0,5% from reading to 1/500 of load sensor capability (load sensors 2580);
  • Frequency of simultaneous data recording - up to 1 kHz on the load, elongation and deformation channels;
  • Speed range from 0,0001 to 1016 mm per minute.

Unilab 1200/780 M. Braun (Germany) Glove Box with additional functions

Manipulations with samples of size up to 400 mm in an inert atmosphere: arrgon. nitrogen, etc.
Checking and cleaning of the working environment on the content of oxygen and water, not more than 0,1 ppm.


AGO-3Y Planetary Mill

Mixing and grinding (mechanical activation, mechanochemistry) samples for micro-and nano-sized powders. Balls acceleration 1000 meters per second squared. Volume of containers for grinding - 120 ml material being processed.