FSBI TISNCM Shared-Use Equipment Center (SUEC)

SUEC Head: Dr. V. Prokhorov

Shared-Use Equipment Center (SUEC) “Research of Nanostructured, Carbon and Superhard Materials” was founded in 2004. The center is a part of the Russian SUEC network. As a subdivision of FSBI TISNCM - the head quarter of direction “Constructional Nanomaterials” of the Federal Target Program “Development of the Nanoindustry Infrastructure in 2008-2010”, SUEC became a part of National Nanotechnology network.

SUEC Goals

  • Development of the equipment base and experimental facilities;
  • Efficiency improvement of usage of current analytical, metrical, metrological and technological equipment, needed for solutions of scientific problems, determined by priority directions of science, technology and engineering development of the Russian Federation and by the List of Critical Technologies of the Russian Federation;
  • Providing opportunity to carry out integrated studies on the high scientific level using modern equipment for solving priority scientific problems in the field of materials science for research teams of the Institute and other organizations.

Research areas are focused on superhard and carbon materials, including nanostructured materials. As a matter of priority SUEC provides access to research and technological equipment for participants of Federal Target Programs and of the National Nanotechnology network. Access to SUEC facilities can be gained according to “Regulations for access to nonstructural industry facilities in the field of substances and materials diagnostic systems (research, tests and measurements) as a part of SUEC”.

SUEC Structure

1. Section of Structural Measurements in the Laboratory in the Department of Structural Research.
2. Section of Electro-physical Measurements in the Laboratory of Physical Properties of Nanostructures.
3. Section of Mechanical Measurements in the Department of Physical and Mechanical Properties Research.
4. Section of Thermo-physical Measurements in the Department of Functional and Constructional Nanomaterials.
5. Section of Thermo-baric Treatment of Materials in the Laboratory of New Superhard Material Synthesis.
6. Section of CVD Materials in the Department of Single Crystal Growth.

SUEC uses all infrastructure of the Institute, including Department of Material and Technical Supply, Scientific-Organizational Department, Department of Metrology and Standardization, Department of Investment programs and International Activities, telecommunication network, pilot production and other Engineering and Support Services. Equipment maintenance expenses are to be paid both by the Institute and by organizations, which use equipment for research funded with money for this research.