State Contract
№ 16.523.12.3003 from 16.05.2011

Development and organization of the pilot production of the automated measuring system for the process control of the nanostructured coatings mechanical properties.

State Contract
№ 16.523.11.3002 from 31.05.2011

Development of the production technology for a new class of bulk thermoelectric materials with the nano- and submicron structure elements for thermoelectric modules, code 2011-2.3-523-006, within a FTP “Research and development on the priority directions of the scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007-2012”.

State Contract
№ 16.552.11.7014 from 29.04.2011

A complex research in the area of structural nano-materials based on carbon and nanocarbon by the “Research of nanostructured carbon materials and superhard materials” Shared-Use Equipment Center in TISNCM (TISNCM SUE) upon the Federal Program titled Research and development on the priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia in 2007 - 2012.

State Contract
№ 02.740.11.0105 from 15.06.2009

A Federal Program “Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia” for 2009-2013, research papers on the topic: The comprehensive studies of the structure and properties of systems based on nano-carbon materials for nanoelectronics.

Associate Contractor on the State Contract
№ 02.740.11.0792 from 24.04.2010

A Federal Program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia" for 2009-2013, research work on the "Creation and investigation of the nanostructured functional materials".

Associate Contractor on the State Contract
№ 1134 from 26.05.2011

R&D project on the study of the combined high-creation and high-module carbon fibers with fullerenes and long carbon nanotubes. The main contractor - NIIgrafit.

Associate Contractor on the State Contract
№ 11/2011 on 11.04.2011

R&D project on Development of methods for obtaining and studying the structure and properties of the wear-resistant composite materials, by the theme “Development of methods for the creation of wear-resistant composite materials based on superhard carbon and nano-carbon materials for the mining and metal industries” under the Federal Program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2007 - 2012 years". The main contractor - - JSC Fugas.

State Contract
№ 02.518.11.7045 from 19.04.2007, code "2007-7-1.8-00-03-164"

Creation of the ceramic and composite materials with nanostructure, synthesis and modification of large diamond single crystals grown in the automated high pressure installation for obtaining the high-purity and doped diamond crystals and carbon nanostructures - 6.2 million rubles.

State Contract
№ 02.513.11.3350 from 01.08.2007, code "2007-3-1.3-00-02-057"

Implementation of problem-oriented exploratory research with the foreign research organizations in the industry of nanosystems and materials, within the "Development of methods for producing nanostructured metal-matrix (based on aluminum and its alloys) nanocarbon composites and study of their mechanical properties" - 1, 38 million rubles.

In 2007-2010, State Contract
№ 02.531.11.9005 from 29.10.2007, code "2007-9-3.1-00-03-007"

The implementation of major innovative projects of national importance on the priority areas of the Programme (Activity 3.1 of the Programme) on “Conducting research and development activities, technology development and organization of the industrial manufacture of products from single-crystal superhard materials for the instrument and tool industry” - 705 million rubles.

State Contract
№ 02.552.11.7002 from June 20, 2008, code "2008-7-5-00-01"

The development of the Shared-Use Equipment Center for complex research in the field of structural materials as a part of "The development of the “Research of nanostructured carbon materials and superhard materials” TISNCM Shared-Use Equipment Center (TISNCM SUE) for comprehensive research in the field of construction materials" – 4.0 million rubles.

State Contract
№ 02.513.12.3009 from August 01, 2008, code "2008-03-1.3-25-02-003"

Bulk thermoelectric materials with a nanocrystalline structure for efficient energy converters, within the “Development of methods to obtain and study the properties of nanostructured thermoelectric materials” - 3.0 million rubles.

In 2008-2011 – a co-executor of the state contracts upon the Federal Target Program (FTP)

“The development of nanotechnology infrastructure in the Russian Federation for 2008 – 2011”.