July 29, 2009. Troitsk.

On July 29, 2009 (Wed), delegation of Rosnano paid a visit to the city of Trotsk - the Science City, situated near Moscow. The delegation was headed by CEO of the State Corporation – Mr. Anatoly B. Chubais. And the event was hosted by Administration of the city, Science Center of Russian Academy of Science in Ttroitsk and “Russian Techno Parks” Ltd.

On the meeting in the House of Scientists, the Head of the city – Mr. Victor Sidnev - was telling in details about historical roots and beneficial aspects of geographic location of Troitsk. This lovely city with population of 36 thousand people is located only 20 kilometers from Moscow. In 2007 Troitsk became a Scince City. There are 11 science institutes, that work in a very different areas of research. There are Institute of nuclear Research RAS, Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Fusion Research (TRINITI), Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon materials (TISNCM), and also Shared-Use Equipment centers, Business Incubator, and other scientific and technological institutions among them.

As a part of the event program, there was a presentation of “Nanotechnology in the production of single crystals and high-tech products on their basis” development (that is responsibility of Technological Institute for Superhard and Novel Carbon materials (TISNCM) and "Industrial Carbon Technologies" Ltd). The Director of TISNCM – Mr. Vladimir D. Blank, demonstrated superpure semiconducting multilayer single-crystal diamonds, and medical equipment, made using these synthetic diamonds. The special pride of authors of the project - is a scanning probe microscope “NanoScan” with hard cantilever and special probe made of superhard fullerenes and doped synthetic diamonds. The use of this microscope allows scientists to expand the area of research and processing of materials (even such super hard as diamonds) at nanoscale level. NanoScan microscopes are being used in 12 leading research centers in Russia and are also being successfully exported.

Rosnano delegation also visited Institute of nuclear Research RAS, Physics Instrumentation Center of the Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GPI RAS) and Production Complex "OptoSystems" Ltd. At the end of the visit, Rosnano delegation and administration of Troitsk signed a Protocol of cooperation “Rosnano-Troitsk”.

This document particularly provides informational and organizational support by Rosnano for nanotechnology enterprises in Troitsk. Also Rosnano will support fundraising of the seed and venture funds for nano-companies in Troitsk. And in addition, Protocol provides an arrangement of tender for creation of nanotechnology center.

Moreover, according to this document, overall exposition of Troitsk will be organized on the International Forum for Nanotechnology, that will take place in Moscow in October, 2009.

The document was also signed by the Chairman of Board of Deputies of Troitsk – Mr. Vladimir Blank and the Chairman of the Troitsk Science Centre RAS – academician Mr. Victor Matveev.

Before signing the agreement, Mr. Chubais noted, that the unique combination of scientific potential and business opportunities was created in this Science City. According to his words, all this could become a long term base for effective cooperation.

After signing an agreement with Rosnano, representatives of Troitsk presented their gifts to Mr. Chubais. One of them was a Medal with blue diamond, dedicated to 100–year anniversary of academician Vereshchagin - the creator of production technology of synthetic diamonds. This technology was created in Troitsk, and is being actively developed now. In addition, the Head of the State Corporation was presented with diamond clock – an image of hourglass, but with synthetic diamond powder, instead of sand. The clock was also decorated with synthetic diamonds.

Based on the information of RIA-news and press-service of the Administration of Troitsk.